• Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry: Theranostic and Genomic Applications, 5e

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نام نویسندهDABBS
سال انتشارJanuary 30, 2018
نام ناشرElsevier
کد CD
قیمت کتاب الکترونیکی35000تومان
ReviewUser-friendly and concise, the new edition of this popular reference is your #1 guide for the appropriate use of immunohistochemical stains. Dr. David J. Dabbs and leading experts in the field use a consistent, organ system approach to cover all aspects of the field, with an emphasis on the role of genomics in diagnosis and theranostic applications that will better inform treatment options. Each well-written and well-researched chapter is enhanced with diagnostic algorithms, charts, tables, and superb, full-color histologic images, making this text a practical daily resource for all surgical pathologists.

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Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry: Theranostic and Genomic Applications, 5e

  • نام ناشر: Elsevier
  • موجودی: در انبار
  • 35,000تومان

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